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Grade School Sexual Education Workshops

Our program

Teachers choose our program because of the focus on mutually respectful relationships as a means to positive sexual decision-making. Each of our grade-level workshops is developed to address a portion of the Alberta Learning Curriculum for Health Studies.

In the classroom

Teens are already talking about sex; here, we have to opportunity to join in and help facilitate the discussion. The Pregnancy Care Centre takes seriously, not only its commitment to helping those in crisis in the community but also to providing preventative education for Calgary’s teenagers.  Since 1986 the CPCC has been offering sexual health education for junior high and high school students, free of charge, through the Take Charge Community Education Program – a division of the CPCC. Over the last year, we spoke with more than 2,000 students and parents in Calgary and the surrounding areas. The Take Charge Program aims to help teens navigate pressing questions regarding sex, relationships, and dating. Our hope is that through education, dialogue, and asking the right questions, our teens will be better able to discern between healthy and unhealthy perspectives and behaviours.  Emphasizing respect, personal worth and value, and the right to refuse, our Take Charge Program presents abstinence as a way of respecting self and others. Workshops are interactive and discussion-oriented. Oh yeah, and FUN!  Information focuses on the prevention of unplanned pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and the importance of healthy relationships.

Teacher’s Testimonials

  • “The techniques used and framework in which they were delivered were excellent. Students felt comfortable discussing their feelings and admitting what they did and did not know.  [The presenter] was excellent – engaging and warm – and created a non-threatening atmosphere conducive to students sharing their thoughts.  I thought the techniques were great and I will use some of them in future sexual health lessons. Well done!”
  •  “Blunt, clear, entertaining, informative, good rapport with students.”
  •  “Great presentation! Fabulous speaker. Students were talking about how much they enjoyed your presentation and how they have a new perspective!”
  •  “I think the presentations get better and better each year.”
  •  “Energetic, positive, youthful, fun!”

Students Testimonial

  • “Shows you to think about your choices not just in sex but in life as well.” (male, 16)
  • “I’m more aware of how I want to set personal boundaries.” (female, 13)
  •  “It makes you realize how many risks there are with something that seems almost harmless.” (female, 15)
  •  “The physical/emotional triangle helped me think about future choices in my relationships about adding physical elements when not emotionally ready.” (male, 16)
  •  “It will help me think about what I am willing to risk.” (female, 13)

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Workshops are free of charge & facilitated by trained presenters. Book A Workshop

To speak with the program coordinator please contact: Zoë Shortt by email or phone (587) 393-2957

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