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Grade Seven Workshop

Students identify their personal value system as an important component for healthy life choices.

  • Introduce and affirm abstinence as a healthy choice
  • Identify the risks of early sexual activity, dispel myths and rumours.
  • Discuss reasons why and how to postpone sexual activity
  • Examine social pressures and influences on personal decisions
  • Identify and evaluate qualities that are important in healthy friendships

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Grade Eight Workshop

Students identify goals and important choices at this stage of life, including relationships and sexuality.

  • Identify different sources of pressure and influences
  • Identify the seriousness of decisions made about sexual activity
  • Examine possible consequences of sexual activity
  • Challenge students to consider why and who they date
  • Introduce and affirm abstinence as a healthy choice
  • Help students distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships

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Grade Nine Workshop

Two workshops that explore the realities of teen pregnancy and STIs, with a focus on healthy relationships.

  • Affirm individual worth and the right to be respected for individual choices
  • Identify the importance and affect of sexual and relational decisions
  • Explore the reality and risks of teen pregnancy
  • Introduce and affirm abstinence as a healthy choice
  • Identify effectiveness and failure rates of contraceptives with an emphasis on personal responsibility

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CALM Workshop

  • Introduce and affirm abstinence as a healthy choice
  • Affirm individual worth and the right to have personal choices respected
  • Differentiate between healthy and high risk relationships
  • Identify risks of early sexual activity and “Sexting”
  • Discuss possible physical, social, emotional, and relational effects of sex
  • Challenge students to set personal standards for sexual decision-making
  • Introduce assertive communication and refusal skills

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